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City National Bank

The way up for City National Bank

Business is personal

City National Bank has a reputation for providing an exceptionally high-touch, personalized experience for their clients. Their website, however, seemed decidedly impersonal, and had not seen a refresh in several years. Existing site content, brand voice, and look and feel were uninspired. The bank needed a site to speak more directly to clients and be a showcase for City National’s distinct character and deep focus on quality relationships.

“I was thinking about all of the work we’ve done together on this project. We have made such a wonderful partnership with you guys, I am so very pleased with all of the work we’ve done.”
Michael Guerrieo, VP and Manager, eCommerce and Marketing, City National Bank

Content first, then the whole caboodle

Primitive Spark was initially hired to focus on auditing and updating CNB’s website content. In the course of just a few months our content project grew into a full UX engagement including user research, information architecture, usability testing and UI design. In the process we also ended up crafting a vivid editorial voice and rewriting 70% of the site content.


You know my name, look up the number

While conducting user research and testing, we repeatedly heard people’s frustration when trying to locate contact info on any given website. Despite CNB’s goals, their contact info was buried on a low-level site page — the standard for most companies online. We proposed they place their phone number on the new site’s header. On every page. In bright orange. Being the high-touch company they are, the bank went for it. The number remains, obvious, welcoming — and orange — to this day.


A winning personality

The new user-friendly launched with a clean, contemporary look and feel, a completely reorganized site structure, and distinctive content tone. The site showcases the bank’s extraordinary personal service, and gives the bank the ability to upsell new offerings to current and potential clients. In 2012 our efforts earned industry accolades when won a Silver W3 award.

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