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Primitive Spark has this uncanny habit of manifesting millions for our clients. Instigators of joy, we collaborate with users and interdisciplinary teams to imagine breakthrough digital products, applications, and websites. 

With decades of expertise in user research, design, digital strategy, UX, and content strategy, we’re always evolving to offer tailored experiences that deliver big-time on strategic goals. 

Primitive Spark enthusiastically tackles complex challenges that send most pros screaming from the room. Plenty of firms create beautiful-looking products. Some even apply robust user-centric processes. WE spark love affairs between users and digital products by improving lives and creating value.

Summon Us When You Need…

  • Help nailing your killer vision
  • To leapfrog the competition
  • A fresh perspective to really make the product sing
  • To supercharge your team
  • To champion radically better products that people love


Here is what we stand for as people who happen to work together. Tap words to learn more.

Anything is possible. Let’s make it happen.

We have a big table. There’s room for everyone involved to have a seat and a say. Together we solve and celebrate.

Our mindset and experience are superpowers for conjuring usability and sparking synergy. We’ve got this!

As tailors of awesomeness, we think for each situation, not from a formula.

Avid students of people and processes, we hunt for the purpose and motivation beyond the surface. We were born this way!

Our mantra is to start small, test early and refine without waste.

Value and ideas come from everyone, intern to president. We include and enable people to achieve the unthinkable, both on our teams and with our designs.

Mother Earth, how we love and need thee. We commit to protecting you in all we do.

Our spark burns brightly and exclusively for projects that benefit the world, and our values are non-negotiable.

We create breakthroughs by boldly trying, learning, and growing. When something doesn’t work, it’s data.

We are going to have a blast working together, and nobody’s going to stop us.

The quest to learn from everyone every day is a constant hunger. We apply liberally, grow, share and repeat.
Life Learners

We always say yes to listening and considering. Bring it on!
Open Minded

Respect is like currency: we work hard to earn yours. And we have an unlimited amount of respect to pay to others. It’s burning a hole in our pockets.

We ask why so that we can contribute strategically, no matter how tactical our immediate task is.

The alchemy of you, us, and your audience yields breakthroughs.

Fearlessly honest and authentic, we speak up for the best outcome, even if it means we disagree with you. You didn’t hire us to let you fail.

Work is great, but it’s not the only important thing. We celebrate and support each other in all aspects of life.
Whole People

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Strategy, Research, Brand, UX, UI
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UI, UX, Brand, Illustration
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