Modern network administration for the dynamic data center

The data center is a moving target

With virtualization, cloud and abstraction, the building blocks of IT infrastructure are in constant flux. As companies adapt new processes, traditional admin tools are increasingly missing the mark. How do you make sense of all the pieces and keep your business up and running with all this change? A new clean-slate approach is needed that can adapt with your business. Perspica flipped the story on its head with a revolutionary model.

Listening differently

Turns out your network traffic tells you a lot. You point Perspica at your network infrastructure, and it automatically gets a holistic top-to-bottom picture of your ecosystem. A breakthrough inference engine figures out what’s normal and not, finds the root cause of problems and proactively recommends changes. Got a hybrid environment? Black-box resources? No problem, Perspica can listen to any setup and tell you what’s going on. Primitive Spark worked with Perspica to envision an equally revolutionary UI to this amazing product.

Millions of metrics
Perspica is massively scalable to handle gobs of unstructured data and make sense of it

Machines and humans for the win

Forget manual rules and thresholds. Perspica uses cutting-edge analytics to learn what’s normal and tell you automatically when it’s not. It also allows users to tag objects, metrics and events to bring clarity from real life. Real time collaboration tools allow teams to work together to make improvements, learn from past actions and share knowledge across the organization.

Root cause: the holy grail of monitoring

Perspica’s powerful machine learning automatically correlates abnormal activity and brings it together into a root cause report. We designed clear visuals to explain how problems relate to actions, objects and potential solutions. This killer feature got a lot of attention, and was a root cause of Cisco acquiring the company. We had already been working with Cisco in another division, but as a result of the acquisition, we began our collaboration with Cisco’s AppDynamics team to bring Perspica’s radical features into their industry standard products.