NavOps Launch keeps your HPC workloads efficient and on budget

Crunching massive data is a juggling act

High performance computing, or HPC, allows us to process quadrillions of calculations in a second to figure out crazy problems and simulate complex scenarios. But it takes a lot of cloud computing resources to do it, and that costs money. How do you prioritize jobs and figure out who pays what? This is where NavOps Launch comes in.

Clarity and control

Armed with extensive user research, we crafted simple visuals that surface the important information that HPC pros need to get their jobs done on time and on budget. Track actuals in real time against defined targets, and adjust when needed. Filter these views by who’s paying, and reallocate when key jobs need to take priority. Offload less time-sensitive jobs to off hours, when resources are cheaper.

1 million CPUs
NavOps Launch deployed massive cloud resources in just 2.5 hours in AWS to demoNstrate scalability

NavOps Launch as co-pilot

With automation rules, each cost center can optimize exactly when they need to scale up and spend more to get all the jobs done, or scale down and spend less when things cool off. And when things get weird, specify how to handle errors and exceptions.