Millions of miles, thousands of trucks managed by a single app

Full capacity FR8

With thousands of trucks on the road at any given time, freight transportation keeps our economy thriving. To be e cient, trucks need to be full, but many trucks are driving empty in need of a load. Simply put, the system matches empty trucks with loads that need to be moved.

Driver Happiness Scores™ give management early warning so drivers can get the attention they need.

Driver + Dispatcher Matching = Truckloads of Profit

To keep fleets operating at maximum efficiency, drivers use the app, which connects to their truck’s existing GPS tracker.

  • Helps dispatchers track loads and share with shippers;
  • Assists in the management of driver routes;
  • Facilitates two-way communication between dispatchers and drivers;
  • Optimizes the fleet schedule to find the most profitable match of driver, truck and load.

We refined FR8’s complexity and surfaced insights

Primitive Spark worked to refine information-dense screens for busy dispatchers. We created an enhanced visual timeline with markers to show each truck’s status along its route, including past, present and future legs. We designed new features such as an “On-Time Rating” to visualize aggregated information and surface insights to help with decisions around driver optimization.


Driver/Dispatcher “Matchmaking”

Dispatchers spend hours on the phone with their drivers without ever knowing them in person. We helped put a human face on this key freight industry relationship. The app allows dispatchers and drivers to upload photos of themselves so that dispatchers can easily see and organize their groups of drivers. This more people-centric digital tool encourages dispatchers to add new unmatched drivers to their fleet, thereby widening the driver network considerably.