Thank you to everyone who attended our AI discussion

By Primitive Spark

We are glad to see how many people feel optimistic about the future of AI in product, and in general. There was so much to discuss, and we are grateful for those who chimed in with their wisdom! Here are just some of the juicy topics we discussed:

  • The booming demand for more hardware/processing power
  • Technology isn’t free – AI is attracting heavy investment (and is on track to be profit-driven)
  • Accuracy of the information put out by chatGPT and who’s responsible
  • How it’s affecting the roles of developers, copywriters, marketers, and more
  • The current guardrails (or lack thereof) around AI technology being released
  • AI video imitations of real people (for good and for bad)
  • The 6 D’s of technological progression:
  • The potential betterment to mankind, and the lives of the next generation of kids growing up with AI

We gathered a page of articles & cool AI use cases here:

Hopefully this rapid advancement in technology will result in a lot more people outside gardening because there’s less digital work to do! 

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