Your Best

By Wendy Nyx

Sewer Rats and Scofflaws…it’s the name of Chapter 6 in Brené Brown‘s Rising Strong book.

She talks about whether or not we believe people are doing the best they can. In her research, she found that the people who do, are almost apologetic about thinking so. The ones who don’t, answered emphatically that they didn’t.

Most of the ‘No’ respondents were very hard on themselves, perfectionists, people who judge others, but especially themselves.

My take is that we must have compassion for ourselves and others, as we certainly are doing the best we can at any particular time.

I’ll leave you with one of her quotes from this chapter:
“What boundaries do I need to put in place so I can work from a place of integrity and extend the most generous interpretations of the intentions, words, and actions of others?” -Brené Brown