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Creating an interface to help conjure “audio magic”

Time travel or ADX?

When Barbra Streisand had a hankering to sing “Love Me Tender” as a posthumous duet with Elvis, she had two choices: Invent a time machine, or work with audio technology pioneer Audionamix. Thanks to the company’s patented ADX TRAX vocal isolation technology, Streisand’s duet with Presley for her 2014 Partners album magically combines the voices of stage diva Streisand and rock ‘n’ roll’s King crooner.

“I asked every CEO I know who should design the UI/UX for our flagship digital audio product. Every single one of them said, without hesitation, Primitive Spark.”
Cort H. Pouch - Audionamix CEO

Product transformation for music breakthroughs

When global audio technology leader Audionamix needed a powerful interface for their patented technology that can separate both musical instruments and melodic voices from typical mono or stereo music recordings, they turned to Primitive Spark. To make a real impact in the audio technology industry, the company needed a user-centric interface design that would inspire and meet the expectations of pro audio engineers, DJs and mashup artists alike.


Mixing with pro engineers

We hung out with pro engineers to get the real scoop on how they work, and to ensure our new design would “play nice” with their other products and equipment. We learned that the bar is quite high in terms of user expectations, so the interface would need to look exceptionally high-end with realistic graphics that evoke the classic look of pro audio equipment.


Visualizing the complexity of sound

Pro audio tools tend to be complex in nature, often showing multiple sound wavelengths simultaneously. We visually separated the vocal track from the rest of the spectrum to make it easy to identify. We designed intuitive tools to edit vocal extraction. To simplify the process, we kept the interface consistent and unified across all product elements. We finished in time to launch the new product UI at the 2014 NAMM industry trade show, where it won a Best in Show award.

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