We are Grateful for Client Workshops

By Primitive Spark

Today we’d like to express gratitude for a specific moment. Our favorite moment, actually. 

The client workshop.

On this magical day, we meet with the client in-person to share the distilled findings from the research phase. It’s the climax of our engagements. 

This is how we help remove the guesswork for our clients. We guide the entire team of stakeholders to collaborate on informed decisions and resolve discrepancies. It all happens right there on the spot. 

Data → Decision.

It’s always a spectacular moment. Seeing people’s faces light up with hope, breakthrough, clarity and joy is why we do this. We’ve even experienced tears of joy ourselves when one client said “we couldn’t have gotten to this even if we met for months!” 

So rather than sharing gratitude for a single individual this time around, we’re using this post to appreciate this moment that we’ve shared with many. Cheers to experiencing more of these moments! 🥂

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