The Most Successful Product Teams Collaborate

By Primitive Spark
the most successful product teams collaborate

Great products are never done. 

Staying competitive as times change is endless…but there’s a hack. 

What’s the secret to lasting success?

Collaboration. People within the organization need to genuinely get along, and communicate well across departments. If the team isn’t thriving, the product won’t either.

We’ve been big on having a collaborative company culture for years. At @Figma’s Config conference this year, @Andrew Hogan delivered a presentation where he found data to support this claim!

Organizations that create and maintain great products are…

  • 76% more likely to incorporate feedback, and praise one another for doing so
  • 67% more likely to share in-progress work at defined times with design, dev & product
  • 72% more likely to include design, dev & product in after-launch reviews.

Collaborative company culture leads to a measurably better product. Collaboration FTW!

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