The importance of sample data in data viz

By Primitive Spark
the importance of sample data in dataviz

When it comes to data visualization, having sample data is key.

It may seem unnecessary, but the values you encounter with real data can mess up the whole visualization. 

Check out the sample above: 👆

In the mockup, it seems like this dataviz would work just fine. You can clearly see the critical, major and minor issues.

…But once we input real data, the whole thing gets messed up. There’s way more minor issues (yellow), which makes the major and critical issues look negligible. And we certainly don’t want to downplay anything critical!

If accurate sample data is used from the get go, it eliminates the need for a redesign later. The bottom version shows the datasets on their own line rather than pooled together. Now we can see all three, and where there are spikes in each. 

Sample data FTW!

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