The Future of AI & Product Design

By Primitive Spark

We had a great time at the @UXStrat panel recently 😊. Thank you @Paul Bryan @Ben Judy for hosting this discussion on how generative AI will impact product design (and for including our creative partner @Chris Varosy). 

Here are a few (of the many) highlights:

  • Humanity is at an inflection point with AI.
    It’s similar to the invention of mobile, the invention of the internet, and even the discovery of fire. If we made it through those times, we can make it through this 💪.
  • Everybody’s worried about their jobs. What can we do?
    To plan for the future, think of AI as getting a promotion! We all have robot interns that can help us be more efficient if we learn to manage them properly. AI can handle much of the “how,” so it will be up to us to handle the “what” – the upstream strategic tasks that require more creative thinking. 
  • How can we ensure this technology remains humane?
    We need governance around it (maybe AI governs itself!), credit/royalties for artists when AI leverages their style, and a way to combat misinformation. For now, we can all document our own usage so we can improve as rules & regulations change.
  • With AI doing so much of the heavy lifting, how do we remain creative?
    Go outside, get in nature, travel, or even go to a place where you’re a foreigner! Getting outside of our current bubble is a great way to shake things up creatively. 

Also thank you @Thomas Prangenberg & @Apurva Misra for the great insights as well. Cheers to a better future with AI 🥂.

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