Takin’ care of business

By Chris Varosy
TCB emblem with lightning bolt, used by Elvis

This phrase from the famous song by Bachman Turner Overdrive was a big inspiration to Elvis Presley, as I learned on a recent visit to Graceland in Memphis. He had jewelry made with this lightning bolt emblem, and even had it embroidered on the upholstery of some of his cars.

Oddly, the day after I got home from Memphis, a video from Professor of Rock came up on my Youtube suggestions, and it turned out to be an interview with Randy Bachman, who told the crazy story about the song, how it inspired The King, and how a pizza delivery guy dropped into the studio and did a killer piano part in one take. I recommend the video!

It has been stuck in my head ever since, and I gotta admit, it’s pretty powerful and inspiring to sing the song to myself as I’m getting stuff done, whether it’s work, exercise, cleaning, etc. I’m glad to have had the synchronicity of experiencing Graceland and the video as a one-two punch.

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