Sustainable UX

By Primitive Spark

How can we design better digital experiences AND take care of our Earth? 

By focusing on sustainable UX.

This project we did with @MOCA Los Angeles a while back is a great example:

MOCA’s goal was to make art education more accessible. They have a great program called Contemporary Art Start that helps teachers weave art education into their curriculum. The challenge was the program materials were being delivered in a hard-copy binder, which was using up a lot of paper and limiting their reach.

Through our unique strategies and digital design, we collaborated with MOCA to convert this to a digital curriculum. This allowed the program to reach a lot more teachers (and non-teachers) everywhere. It reduced paper waste and printing costs, allowed for an online community, and reduced the sign up cost by hundreds of dollars.

The result? Better situation for teachers, the client, and the planet 😊. Sustainable UX ftw 💪.

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