Staying true to values

By Chris Varosy
An early black and white picture of singer Dolly Parton.

I recently watched the Dolly Parton documentary on Netflix. It astounds me that someone as famous as Dolly can come across as positive and lovable at all times.

I’m glad I’m not a celebrity. It’s gotta be tough when there’s a camera and microphone in your face at all times. I’ve said some stupid shit in my life, and luckily nobody captured it and reported it in the media. Everyone has an off day and makes mistakes. But politicians, actors, music stars and other public figures have their off days scrutinized in the media.

Dolly Parton a hero of mine for staying true to her values and projecting so much leadership in what it means to be a good person, and doing it from the very bright spotlight that has shined on her for her entire life.

#values #rolemodel