Start small and avoid pain

By Primitive Spark
prevent your product from a bellyflop

Sometimes going big can cost you. Then what do you do when a product needs a revamp? Start small. 

Here’s real-world evidence of how we helped steer clear of a major belly flop:

Our client had a complex B2B product that provided a lot of value, but customers weren’t biting. It was daunting to use, so we were hired to research how it could be improved. 

Revamping the whole thing would be expensive, so we created just 6 screen mockups to illustrate the vision for the next version. 

This way, the product team had something tangible to show to get executive sponsor approval to fund the whole revamp. 

This is where the executive sponsors did a thing. They had a pitch with a very large potential customer, and they decided to give the customer a sneak peek of the 6 mockups. It worked like a charm. The customer had to have it, and they inked a deal worth $10 million on the spot!

Needless to say, we secured internal funding to redesign the product. More importantly though, we also got validation directly from the customer that it was worth building BEFORE investing the big money.

Customer secured; belly flop avoided 😇.

If you’re interested in starting small and testing the waters before you dive in head first, talk to us about a prototype:

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