Secret weapon?

By Chris Varosy
A closeup on the face of a very surprised looking dude with a bad wig on. You may recognize this guy from a certain sketch comedy routine about California.

Worried about AI? Lean in to your humanness.

I’m talking about things like humor, free association, even mistakes. Be wacky, sarcastic, random. Defy logic. Lose control. See what happens. It’s all part of our human creativity.

I remember working in Photoshop on a design for a website a while back. The design was nearly done, but it seemed a little conservative, maybe even boring.

Then something amazing happened.

I accidentally moved a bunch of layers, and some of the elements slid off the top of the screen. At first I laughed when I looked at this disrupted state, but my face slowly shifted to an a-ha! expression. A disruption was exactly what the design needed! With this nudge, I went further in this direction, and it ended up being the design the client picked.

We need to inject our humanness into our work, even as we incorporate AI into our processes. That’s what’s going to differentiate us.

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