Respect is job 1

By Chris Varosy
an abstract image showing how all creatures and matter are connected and part of the same fabric of the universe, and that love and respect strengthen those connections so we may learn from each other even more.

This is going to get a little woo-hoo for some of you.

A recent poll by Jennifer Blatz about culture inspired me to talk a little about respect and how I feel about it.

You and I are part of this universe and connected in a way that all of nature is. To respect others is to respect yourself and vice versa. The universe grows and evolves through diversity, and although you may think very differently from me, you are doing your part to be yourself and contribute to the infinite texture of the universe’s growth. Nobody else can do you like you can, and I have a lot of respect for people who move into it and be their authentic selves. I know I slip up on that front sometimes. And when you slip up, I will do my best to respect you anyway. Our mistakes are part of our growth. So I feel like the most important job we have while we’re in our current vessels is to respect each other and respect ourselves. If we can manage that, we can do amazing things. We can learn from each other, share love, sorrow, a laugh, a thrill and every other precious unique moment together. It’s the universe’s work.