Product audits for the win

By Primitive Spark
“This is exactly what we wanted. We really appreciate the output and the effort, and I would imagine we'll be back in touch.” -COO, software company

A software company recently approached us with a powerful product that wasn’t quite getting the user adoption it deserved. 

It was working, but it wasn’t exactly thriving. And nobody could quite pinpoint what to fix.

After an in-depth audit, we delivered 100 clear, prioritized action items backed by user research to improve the product. That’s when we heard this quote from the COO, who now has clear marching orders for the product that are validated by direct customer input. 

No more wondering what to fix (and they did get back in touch)!

If you’ve got a product that has potential but needs review, give us a shout – we love this stuff 🙂

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