Our First Community Discussion

By Primitive Spark

We wish we had a community to discuss what’s happening in the product world, so we’re creating one!

The recent state of the economy has forced many leaders to lay off half their staff. How should leaders cope with this? 

We were discussing this topic internally, and decided why not open it up publicly to hopefully inspire one another? 

This Friday, we’ll be facilitating a discussion on the topic of teams going through tough times. 

Talking points include:

  • Leading a product team through tough times
  • Best ways to move forward with the resources you have available
  • Mindset shifts to help cope with layoffs

If you’re in product and in charge of a team, this is the perfect opportunity to discuss with like-minded folks on how to best deal with this. You’re not alone! This will be a discussion, not a lecture, so don’t be afraid to speak up yourself 🙂.

It’s this Friday, and it’s free! We’d love to have you and hear your experiences 🙂


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📷 by Redd F on Unsplash