By Primitive Spark
A crowded bar full of UXers mingling at a DenverUX event.

“What do you do when executives bring personal opinions to a review?”

Someone asked Chris this at the DenverUX meetup this week.

The creative brief can help.  In it, we capture the assignment, the goals, audiences, key messages, etc.  Stakeholders need to agree on this before ideation begins.  We like to start any review of work by summarizing it to frame how to make decisions.  It’s a contract, in a way.

Executives are going to have opinions, and should.  It’s our job to make sure those opinions align with the brief.  If they don’t, you have a document to help you bring it back to the user and the goals.

Shout out to Alex Smith and Nate Wearin of FuegoUX for putting on an amazing event for DenverUX!

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