One of our Favorite Projects

By Primitive Spark

We’ve had a lot of fun projects in our time.

Launching our new website led to reviewing past case studies, which brought back some good memories.

One of our favorite projects was with @The Tech Interactive where we collaborated to reinvent the museum experience.

This project was so much more than just designing screens. We had to think both in and out of the museum, creating a cohesive experience.

This meant seamlessly integrating physical and digital components of the entire customer experience starting before someone enters the museum through after they leave. It included a new website, the ticketing and check-in process, gallery kiosks, accessibility standards, multiple languages, electronically-aware physical exhibits, take-aways from the exhibits and more.

It was fun to work on the strategy of the entire customer journey as opposed to just the UX of the digital experience alone.

And the resulting seamless experience was satisfying!

More details here:

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