Observations on AI

By Chris Varosy
Kathryn Campbell presents on the stage of the historic Boulder Theater at UX Strat 2023.

Some observations on AI after attending the UX Strat conference this week in Boulder:

1. It’s up to us to attentively curate and iterate our AI outputs, so we don’t fill the interwebs with generic, derivative filler content.

2. It’s up to us to use AI ethically and diligently work to weed out bias, fiction, past mistakes and bad decisions.

3. It’s up to us to CARE, to use our intuition, to imagine something better that’s never been done before, to have a breakthrough, to speak up when the status quo isn’t good enough.

4. It’s up to us to make AI be and do good. For the planet, for humanity, for peace, for love.

Thank you to Paul Bryan and the “Strat” team for putting on a great conference. Thanks to all the speakers and attendees for stretching my mind and inspiring me.

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