More than your share

By Primitive Spark
An old black and white photograph of a man at a desk, staring at a huge stack of papers.

New year, old thought: Aim to do more than your share.

Why is that fair? What about others who might be doing less? Well, in our view, these thoughts are resentment based. If you are constantly measuring what others are doing, you’re not trusting them, and you are wasting your own energy on resentment. Forget about measuring, and trust that people will follow your lead of doing what you can.

Aiming to do more than your share is love based. Do it for the love of your team. Inspire them to do more than their share also. Be the leader, and don’t let the laggards set the tone. You can imagine how much more you can accomplish as a team.

Also, you won’t always be able to do your share, and at that time, in a love based team, someone will pick up your slack. So when you have the ability, invest the extra effort and love you have, so your team comes out ahead.

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