Input = Better Design

By Chris Varosy
Two people with sunglasses, smiling for a fun photo. They are a dream team for creative collaboration.

In my experience, my design always improves with input from others.

Designing is by definition social. My designs are usually intended for other people, and I need to empathize with those people in order to succeed. I’m just one person, and so that empathy is going to be incomplete. That’s where others come in. They can help me fill in the blanks and look at it from other angles. So I want input from:

• People for whom the design is intended
• The development team who will build it
• Other designers
• People who haven’t been staring at it for hours
• Even AI

I won’t always agree with the input, but I’ll always consider it.

In the photo are two people who have given me valuable design input for many years: Wendy Nyx and GUØNAN (gwõ-nan) 郭楠. 😎