ValueScope: by the Numbers

By Chris Varosy

Our holiday project for 2022 is ValueScope – a tool that uses AI to generate artwork for your personal values. The following infographic takes a look at its first 30 days in the wild, and we’re already seeing some interesting things.

First off, this is using some BRAND NEW technology. OpenAI’s WALL-E API was released in November 2022, the month before we launched ValueScope. Our good friend Matthew Kropp is an AI expert and was instrumental in helping us make this happen so quickly after OpenAI released the underlying technology.

Second, it’s interesting that every single choice we listed as a value was used to generate artwork. The least popular value was solitude, used for just 3 images. It makes sense, since the top values seemed to be about treating others well. We LOVE that the top value is love!

Third, we were surprised to see that people from 33 different countries used ValueScope in the first month. That’s quite a distributed audience for our humble little project.

Enjoy this infographic below, and you can still explore ValueScope for yourself!