“I don’t know” is OK

By Chris Varosy
ASCII art of a person shrugging, on a Primitive Spark Red® background.

I’ve said this before, but I love being in a line of work where it’s encouraged to say “I don’t know.”

The job of UX is all about learning. In some ways, it’s almost better when we know less about our assignments, because we don’t have to sort out what is assumed or based on old information. What we do know is how to find out, how to identify the questions to ask, and how to gather evidence-based answers. It’s quite liberating!

Also, I’ve observed that when people say “I don’t know” to me, I automatically trust them more. It’s connecting, because it feels genuine and relatable to me. In many cases, I don’t know either!

So the phrase “I don’t know” is a win-win situation, where we aren’t letting bullshit come between us, and we can work together to learn the answer, or even just be comfortable not knowing.

In general, I think society needs to destigmatize these words.

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