Human Writers Please

By Chris Varosy
A bunch of bros laughing around some online content. You can bet that it wasn't AI-generated copy.

I have a weird prediction about AI. And this is just a hunch.

I think ChatGPT is going to INCREASE the need for great writers.

Lazy, cheap companies out there will use AI to create a bunch of boring, formulaic writing, and people will get tired of reading soulless, recycled content with no personality.

And that phase may drag on for a while before companies start opening budgets to hire real writers again.

But there will be backlash against the bland.

I personally love reading anything pithy, playful, funny, unexpected, rule-breaking… something that somebody had fun lovingly bringing to life.

I think this kind of writing is essential to stand out, now more than ever.

Photo by a real human named Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash.