Get inspired

By Chris Varosy
Magnificent, dramatic Colorado clouds in a punchy blue sky, looking straight up from the ground.

How do you get into your creative power zone?

I mean where do ideas flow the most? What is the context or setting? What conditions shift you into an idea machine?

This is a good question to ask yourself, regardless of your role. My guess is that it’s different for each person, but here are a few things that help me get into high gear creatively:

Away: When I get out of my bubble, my controlled habitat, away from devices, my desk, my routine, new perspectives abound. It doesn’t have to be an international vacation (although hell yes!). Even a new part of my house or office or city does the trick.

Buddy: I love brainstorming with people who think differently than I do and challenge my preconceptions. I just had a great exchange today with my friend Steve Motola and he did just that for me.

Automatic: Deep-structure activities like driving, showering or riding a bike unbridle my creative side to wander to new places. My favorite bike ride is wandering with no destination, like I did when I was 10.

Sky: Day or night, the ever-changing sky inspires me with colors, shapes, movement and beauty. Its limitless openness opens my mind. Lying on my back in the grass for sky gazing also shifts my perspective from the usual and helps things fall off the shelves in my mind. The picture is from the back yard today.

Space: Emptying my mind creates space for new things! If I allow myself to do nothing, to be still, just to let my mind wander, it’s inviting ideas to come to me.

I’m curious: what are your strategies to get creative?

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