Bring Your Fire

By Chris Varosy
Me warming my hands by the fire.

My son asked me what I thought about UX certification programs vs bachelor degrees.

As an owner of an agency, I’ve interviewed plenty of people from top design schools. Most had terrific portfolios. And you can’t be a slacker if you get into these schools.

But I think there are some who graduate from high school and wander into college because they’re supposed to.

Most of the time, if you sign up for a UX certificate program, you are highly motivated to get into this field. That counts for something.

A creative person often has a non-traditional path. And UX is a creative field.

For me, I value passion and potential over pedigree.

I’ve heard Jared Spool say similar things many times.

I say it doesn’t matter how you get there if you bring your fire.

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