Breaking with Convention

By Chris Varosy
Circa 2012, a person holding an iPhone of the day, showing the to-do app Clear.

There is a time and place for breaking the rules. The to-do list app Clear made a lot of waves in 2012 with having a gesture-based interface. It was completely disruptive and broke a lot of UI conventions of the time. But 11 years later, a lot of its patterns have BECOME the conventions for modern apps. Without breakthrough design work like Clear, what we consider convention would not evolve.

That said, well-understood patterns and conventions are often the best choice in production situations. If you’re redesigning a mortgage application, you probably want something more standard.

In the auto industry, they have “concept cars” to showcase vanguard ideas free from the limitations of production constraints. The best of those ideas end up in mass production later. In this regard, Clear feels like a concept car to me.

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