Brand thinking is needed in UX

By Chris Varosy
Here is a usable but generic product design

The surface area of brand touchpoints for digital products is large, and companies should be taking advantage of it. Usability is table stakes nowadays, and it’s not going to differentiate you. And with so many established and safe design patterns out there, it’s easier than ever to churn out the same old boring experiences as your competitors.

But there are already so many considerations on UX: accessibility, readability, responsiveness, internationalization, compliance, SEO… How can we possibly make it unique to a brand too?

Good news: you don’t have to do it alone. Here are three key players you can partner with to get this done:

  1. Visual Designers: These people may not know usability like you do, but they know brand. Together you can work to get those generic but usable screens into something that expresses the brand visually.
  2. Content Writers: There are so many opportunities to delight users and express a company’s personality with clever writing that’s on brand. Your content team can turn an error message into a fun exchange.
  3. UI Developers: These people do magic with code to bring your designs to life when you brainstorm with them early. Things like animation, builds, transitions, microinteractions and optimizations are in your UI developer’s wheelhouse, and these can all add uniqueness to the brand experience.

With a little help from your friends, you can do more than just get by on brand!

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