Art & Science

By Chris Varosy
Star Trek characters on the bridge discuss design. McCoy: "Why did you change the orange?" Spock: "It fails contrast standards"

Great UX is the marriage of art and science.

What’s lovely is the science part is finally getting at least some of the love it deserves. Research brings data and evidence to our hypotheses and informs our decisions. Psychology brings a scientific toolset from centuries of observing people.

The art part remains how we bring it all together. The disruptive ideas that become the hypotheses, the rule-breaking intuition, the emotional expression of brand, the beauty of the aesthetic, even the interpretation of the science and how to act on it.

Without the science, we’d have crazy, non-functional, out of touch experiences. Without art, we’d have safe, boring, generic solutions. When we have both, it’s warp speed ahead.

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