AI and code

By Chris Varosy
A thread in ChatGPT showing an answer about a very specific PHP question, with sample code and everything.

Every year, we create a holiday design piece, and it’s a chance for me to get my hands dirty with front end development. It helps inform my design work to stay (somewhat) current on the code behind it.

Last year, our Valuescope project was all about leveraging GenAI to create visuals. It was all so new then!

So how did AI help this year? Here’s a quick rundown:

Design: not at all. For me, the design is the fun part, and not a part I want to leave to be done half-ass. In this case, Wendy did most of the design. She never does design half-ass!

Content: a little bit. ChatGPT and Bard were useful for shaking loose a few more ideas, but most of the content was from human brainstorming.

HTML/CSS: a little bit. I used an AI-generated menu routine, but ended up replacing it with something more elegant from a tutorial. The CSS work was mostly tinkering and refining by hand to make it look true to the designs.

PHP: a hell of a lot! I’m not a programmer, but can stumble my way through simple PHP, usually with a lot of help from tutorials generated by kind humans. But with ChatGPT, I was able to quickly incorporate some more advanced concepts into my code.

So AI was massively helpful with the logic side, and somewhat helpful on the content side.

If you’re curious to see the project, stay tuned, as we will officially launch it next week!

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