By Primitive Spark

Feeling the slow down in the economy? Here’s some ways underutilized employees can use the downtime wisely: 

Professional Development

Use downtime to learn new skills. Take online courses, attend conferences or webinars, read articles/books, etc.


New ideas and breakthroughs need space to happen, so downtime can actually be a gift. Brainstorm and try out new ways to take things to the next level, and find a way to implement any good ideas that come out.

Organizational Tasks

There’s always a list of low-priority items that sit pending while important work gets done. Use downtime to knock out some of these administrative or organizational tasks.


Ideally a person’s work should align with their entire being. Regardless, taking care of physical and mental well-being is important for job productivity and living an aligned and fulfilled life. Maybe now would be a good a time to take that vacation and actually enjoy it 🤷.

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