Our visual design makes complex data actionable

Some designers bolt at high speed away from complexity. We seek it out.

When your product relies on helping clients sift through gigabytes of information in seconds, you need Primitive Spark’s design expertise. Our creatives are masters at distilling complex information to highlight when to investigate, or to take immediate action.

“I just spent some time with a prospect pitching [the product Primitive Spark designed]. The guy…commented at least 8 times during a 20-minute pitch on how stunning the interface was, how well information was organized, and how user-friendly/relevant things looked. I’m glad that I had Primitive Spark on my team!”
Vaibhav Puranik, Senior Vice President / Principal at Opera Solutions

Bigger systems require better monitoring

Businesses can’t thrive if their systems don’t work. As enterprise infrastructures gain complexity, it’s a colossal challenge to keep them running. Primitive Spark worked with VMWare to tackle the problem by reimagining vRealize Operations to include powerful visuals and simple concepts that make data more actionable. In day-to-day operations, our Health Views summarize gobs of data to give a holistic perspective on system functioning, while also helping track down faulty objects or configurations so they can be fixed quickly. For long-term strategy, our Risk and Efficiency Views help anticipate trouble and plan for growth so businesses get maximum value and efficiency from their technology.

67% Gain in IT productivity with vRealize Operations

Make file log data truly useful

FileTrek’s proprietary data logging platform brilliantly tracks how intellectual property is shared and utilized, but the company was at a critical point, trying to figure out how to make their technology truly useful. Primitive Spark guided their thinking around the possibilities, and invented a sophisticated “proof of concept” product interface for them with a user-friendly dashboard and data visualizations showing how customers could easily monitor sensitive files. A risk score was designed to trigger alerts whenever high risk people (or departments) handle high risk files. FileTrek (renamed Interset) used our prototype to tell this compelling story to investors. Then they developed their new product based on our prototype. Now, the company boasts an impressive expanded client list.


Fully booked and competitively priced

Big hotels have powerful automatic systems to handle the complexities of hotel room pricing. Mom-and-pop hotels and inns routinely spend hours scouring online booking sites to set competitive room prices, but still end up with unrented rooms and pricing mistakes. Primitive Spark helped Marketspan create an easy-to-use system to assist small hospitality businesses set their room prices. After product launch, big hotels came calling, and Marketspan continues to expand its client base.


From scattered marketplace to one-stop shop

Sony Pictures Television was plagued with too many online access points for their programming content. We turned SPT into a consistently branded one-stop online shop by integrating public views, internally-facing tools and extranet content for partners into a single portal with centralized content management, unified login and role-based permissions. The spiffy new SPT portal garnered BEA systems’ prestigious Liquid Portal of the Year Award.

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